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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my animals get under a Colourbond fence?

A: NO.. Matching steel plynth panels can easily be fitted to the base of the fence and go well into the ground to help stop animals digging their way out.. (or in!)

Q: What about my old asbestos fence, are you authorised to safely remove it?

A: YES! – We are qualified asbestos removalists and can remove and discard your old fence in a safe hazard free way according to Worksafe regulations.
Call us for a removal quote.

Q: My fence requires holes drilled for posts in my limestone wall, do you do this?

A: Yes, We provide core drilling for fences in limestone and concrete retaining walls for an extra cost.

Q: Will my insurance company allow me to replace my super 6 fence with Colourbond fence?

A: Most insurance companies are fine with this, as Colourbond is less likely to get damaged which will cost them less anyway.

Q: Can you remove trees and bushes that are in the way of my desired fence?

A: Yes. We can remove most green waste and small trees from your property up to a certain size. After that, we can organise our tree lopper for tree removal or stump grinding.

Q: Will my Colorbond fence burn in a fire?

A: No. The fence will not burn or act as a fire source, although the paint finish may be damaged. In fact, new research conducted by the CSIRO and the Bushfire CRC shows steel fences can assist in the protection of your home in the event of a bushfire.

Q: Can the height of my Colorbond fence be extended?

A: Yes. There are also times where increasing the height of 2.1 metre Colourbond fencing, will be necessary. For privacy reasons, where other properties are elevated, we can adjust your fences to suite your height requirements.