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Residential Bunbury Fencing Contractors

We are Colourbond® fencing contractors with over 15 years experience.

When you choose Bunbury Colourbond Fencing for your fence or gate installation, you can rest in the fact that we have 15 years of experience in providing superb quality fences and gates.

Our fencing contractors will provide you with a prompt free measure and quote and are happy to assist with any special requirements.

We can guarantee that you will get only genuine Bluescope steel Colourbond fencing.. What does this mean? Genuine Colourbond fencing is strong, Durable and comes with a 10 year warranty backed by BlueScope steel. All fencing material is first Zincalume based for outstanding anti-corrosion performance, with a 4 layer coaling finished with a baked on top coat to withstand our harsh weather conditions.

Our company prides in providing you with a stylish, elegant fence, that is tailored to suite the style of your home and enhance your outdoor lifestyle. With the 14 different designer colours to choose from, Colourbond fencing can compliment and blend in to the colours of your home. We can assure you that our fences are built tough and strong enough to withstand the severe weather conditions that effect the Greater Bunbury region.

Steel plynth and retaining system.

This application fits directly under the bottom rail of your fence and goes under ground level to provide a barrier to prevent dogs from digging and escaping. (No need to choose hardifence just for this reason) Also these steel plynths can retain up to 300 mm. This is an excellent way to save expense where a stronger retaining wall is not necessary under 300 mm. The plynth is a heavier gauge steel with all the treatments that is standard with Colourbond steel.

Colorbond Fencing is:

Available in a choice of 14 designer colours.
Strong and durable.
Easy to maintain.
Enhances the security of your home and family.
Backed by a 10 year warranty (Bluescope steel)
Won’t corrode, burn and is termite proof

Colorbond fencing just looks great and is made to last!

With its clean, crisp lines, COLORBOND® steel looks great from both sides of the fence. Regardless of home styles, It will enhance your property, from traditional to modern. You can alter the look of your fence by simply adding lattice, post caps or gates, plus our new Super Polyester coating technology, means your fence stays looking newer for even longer and is backed by Bluescope Steel’s 10 year warranty.

Colorbond fencing is secure and very private.

With no vertical gaps for prying eyes, a fence made from COLORBOND® steel is a great privacy screen. Plus, it is also a secure barrier as there are no easy foot or hand holds for climbing, so it helps keep unwanted visitors out.. and your pets and children in.

Colorbond Myths:

Another genuine need for many domestic homes, when considering fencing is the problem with pets, with many homes having to resort to Hardifence as an answer to prevent dogs from escaping. The good news is that our Colourbond fences can be fitted with colour matching base panels (made from steel) to provide an effective barrier for dogs and cats.

Another way privacy can be increased, is Colourbond fence with top lattice.

If you want to add special elegance and style to your fence, then a Colourbond fence with either matching or contrasting top lattice is a great option. It will not only enhance the overall look of your fence and property but help increase your privacy as well!

Colourbond fencing verses Hardifence. The big question.

When deciding what fence to erect for your home, it is so important to weigh up all the facts about both systems carefully before deciding which way to go.

In my 15 years of experience, the main reason people choose hardifence over Colourbond is the big issue with pets. Especially dogs. This is very understandable as most stepped fencing has significant gaps under one corner for dogs to escape. However this has already been overcome with the plinth system. The plinth system is made from Colourbond steel and is a much thicker gauge for closing gaps and also retaining up to 300 mm. The plinth has a wavy stylish look and is available in all the 14 Colourbond designer colours. For many years now I have been replacing hardifence that has fallen over by storm damage including many were lost to the recent Bunbury storms.

The main cause of failure for these fences is that the moisture is constantly in the cement profile at ground level causing a weakness, plus whipper snipping at the same level helps to increase the weakness over time. Underground tree roots serve to fracture the already weakened fenceand at a certain point, the next strong wind or storm will cause catastrophic failure, and the fence will break and blown down.

It is now evident that Colourbond fencing is becoming the number one choice, as there are now so many styles and colours to choose from, to blend into your surroundings and complimenting the character of properties.

There are no worries about fatigue and moisture weakening with Colourbond, as it is galvanised at the base and set in concrete. Providing your fencing contractor builds your fence to engineering requirements, then Colourbond is a far superior fence compared to hardifence.

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